Mia’s bicycle

Mia’s bicycle

Hey there, how are you all???
Like every Wednesday, I’m getting ready to go to Cinecittà for the rehearsals for tomorrow’s broadcast. But first, my appointment with you guys, so here I am writing! 🙂 As you can see from the photos, today’s post was actually cut short… yup, because Mia arrived on her little bicycle, and practically ran us over ehehhe!

Auntie Cla was taking the photos, and up she came on the saddle of her Hello Kitty “four wheel vehicle”, intent on distracting us and getting us to take her to the park!

But first, she wanted to have her picture taken with me! My outfit, which we barely managed to shoot… is a very simple all over black look: skinny jeans and a tee that hangs a bit longer than the anthracite sweater I’m wearing over it. Mia has a lovely grey skirt by Petit Coco, with some tulle underneath to puff it up, a plain Converse sweatshirt on top, and black Asso boots on her feet, with strass stones and a buckle just like her mum’s, because she’s already a big girl! 😀
One we finished shooting we swapped her skirt for a nice pair of trousers for comfort and off we headed… to the park! 😉
Now I have to get ready, I’ll see you tomorrow for the live show!!! A big kiss to all of you!!!
Daje tuttaaaaa

Look alessia kids-Mia-01
Look alessia kids-Mia-03
Look alessia kids-Mia-04

Look alessia kids-Mia-06
Look alessia kids-Mia-07
Look alessia kids-Mia-02

Jeans: Care Label
T-shirt: Vince
Sweater: Biarritz 1961

Boots: Asso
Skirt: Le Petit Coco
Sweatshirt: Converse


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