La Pinella in colours!

La Pinella in colours!

Dear Pinelle and Pinelli, our days are always so full of commitments, be they family, work or friends. Even social networks have become part of our lives recently, and as a result also technology… phones, computers etc.
But do we always have to be chasing our tails… help! We all need to take a little break away from all this hustle and bustle, right?

And so it’s time for me to tell you about my colouring book. Perhaps some of you will have seen these art therapy books in bookshops. I discovered them in London and instantly took to this fantastic anti-stress therapy for us adults.
I often use it to break away from the daily routine. I find just half an hour to myself and colour… like when I was a little girl. I just switch off, and it is so nice to work away with crayons and markers. It’s a hobby that reawakens our creativity and banishes all negative thoughts from our minds.

So I decided that it would be amazing to create some drawings about my own world, and thanks to the help of a talented illustrator, we have transformed everything that belongs to my world into pictures to be coloured.
So I am delighted to present “La Pinella in Colours” with a preview here of 3 pages of the drawings you will find inside. One important thing!!! As of today, you can pre-order it online and I’ve put all the links for the stores here below.


Its bookshop release date is set for 12 November… yes, on my birthday no less!
But there are still more surprises to come, because together with my friend Silvia Grilli from Grazia, I have decided to create an amazing event in Milan, where everyone can colour all together! And of course I want all my Pinelle there with me!! I have reserved 10 “invitations” for you for this evening with friends to discover, or even rediscover, our creativity!
I thought it would be nice
to receive your drawings, ones that for you represent the world of La Pinella. 
You can send them until 8 November to the email address [email protected] together with your details:
Name – Surname – Mobile phone number – Home town – e-mail

The event will be taking place in Milan on 16 November from 5.30 to 9 pm. The Pinella crew will select 10 drawings from what you send us, and ten of you will come and colour with me* in a fab, exclusive location.
So what are you waiting for??? I cannot wait to colour with you! A big kiss and have a good weekend!!!

* any travel and accommodation costs will be at the expense of the user.




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