Just makeup! Trends for F/W 2015!

Just makeup! Trends for F/W 2015!

Here we are to discuss the trends for this fall/winter in… makeup! When it comes to makeup, us ladies can be split into two categories: those who love experimenting and those who prefer to stick with the same style!

But let’s look at the trends for this autumn: the nude look and return of earthy and bronze colours! A natural makeup that hides imperfections but at the same time brings out our natural qualities!
So go with a neutral base, a touch of concealer to hide signs of fatigue, a little foundation and a lick of mascara to give depth to our eyes! Slightly orangey lipsticks and blusher to achieve the bonnie mine effect, with rosy cheeks and radiant skin!

For our eyes, we have earthy colours! From bronze or orange to warm shades that give your skin a healthy tanned look (without exaggerating please!) with colours like brown, yellow or burnt sienna depending on the colour of your eyes.

Smokey eyes and red lips are the timeless classics, and so ideal for this winter and perfect for living a rock ‘n’ roll edge to your look or for a night out with the girls! And of course we mustn’t forget the colour burgundy even in our makeup! It’s this year’s hottest shade, and you can find it in nail varnish, eye shadow and lipstick…

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