Good afternoon pinelle and pinelli!
Today we’re going to take a little leap backwards… and the word leap has not been chosen by accident! 😀
The photos in this post are from last Thursday; we took them before the usual BB production meeting prior to the live broadcast. Luckily, the sun came out on route to the Studios and we instantly seized the opportunity!

As you can see, my outfit is simple but very feminine too I assure you! I wore a black pleated and slightly a-line miniskirt by Mariuccia, and I teamed it with a light grey pullover, warm and slightly oversize by Isabel Marant Étoile. Instead of a coat, I picked a black and white tweed jacket this time, and a pair of black suede boots by Isabel Marant. Then could I be without my gorgeous black Anita large bag with croc print by Marks&Angels? Of course not! 😉

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret from behind the scenes at BB. You should know that at around 8.30 pm on Thursday, I enter the studio before the show to say hello to the audience and to do a general lights and camera rehearsal. Of course I wasn’t yet dressed for the live broadcast, so this look is what I used to greet everyone first. That moment really pumps me up, I enjoy hanging out with you before the show.
Then I have to make a dash for the dressing room, because the time seems to fly so fast, and we often only finish choosing the evening’s outfits during that final hour.
Well, I’ll leave you now with the photos of my jumps on the steps in front of the red door eheheh! I had fun taking these action snaps like the ones I always see on the social networks! 😉
Kisses to all of you!!

look porta rossa-alessia-01
look porta rossa-alessia-06
look porta rossa-alessia-09
look porta rossa-alessia-04
look porta rossa-alessia-12
look porta rossa-alessia-14
Collage-alessia-porta rossa
look porta rossa-alessia-05
look porta rossa-alessia-07

Gonna: Mariuccia
Maglione e Giacca: Isabel Marant Étoile
Boots: Isabel Marant
Bag: Marks&Angels


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