Wellness and health!

Wellness and health!

Do you ever go to the pharmacy to get some medicine or other and then leave with much more besides? Nope, we haven’t gone mad, but it often happens that we go to get even just some simple painkillers for a headache, and in the end we find ourselves at home with all kinds of products, from make up to body creams and even a little something for the kids. The truth is that pharmacies are increasingly like real shops… and so temptation is always there!

In Rome, Cla and I are “addicted” to Farmacia Igea. It has lovely big areas dedicated to health, beauty and wellness, to children and even to our four-legged friends. It is always open, day and night, so very handy even in an emergency, and there are lots of really useful services available at all times. In short, it’s a health and wellness haven! 😀

On my travels to various cities I’ve noticed that this kind of pharmacy is really taking a foothold. What do you think?



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