Peanuts is back!

Peanuts is back!

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Linus, Patty and Woodstock… yep it’s them, the fantastic Peanuts, characters loved by young and old and which have made cartoon history!
This year, these amazing characters, created by the hand of Charles M. Schulz, are 65 years old and it looks like everyone wants to mark this anniversary!
First in line is cinema; in fact “The Peanuts Movie” has just come out on the silver screen worldwide, in 3D, where once again we can enjoy the adventures of the legendary Charlie Brown and his pals. A real dive into the past for us grown-ups.

But even the fashion world wants to pay tribute to Peanuts, with a show that is back, after 30 years, to dress Snoopy and his little Parisian sister Belle. In fact, the project is called “Snoopy & Belle in Fashion”, and it aims to celebrate fashion as well as a timeless icon like Snoopy. Big designer names, for example DKNY, Calvin Klein, Marant, Johnson, Kole, DSquared, Opening Ceremony, Ungaro and Von Furstenberg… have dressed the world’s most famous beagles in personal, modern outfits. One more gorgeous than the other!

But that’s not all folks! Running at the Milan Comic, Illustration and Animation Museum until 10 January 2016 is a unique exhibition where you can see original story boards by Schulz, biographies, fun photosets, multimedia installations and all kinds of memorabilia created over these 65 years!

And if that is still not enough, you can visit PeanutizeMe, a lovely website where even we can be transformed into characters from Peanuts, to be shared of course on all social channels. What character would you like to be?



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