Everyone’s mad about Tartan!

Everyone’s mad about Tartan!

Whoever follows me knows about my crazy passion (for several seasons now!) for tartan! And even this year, tartan is dominating the fashion runways as well as the street!

It’s perfect for a casual look, in pure British style, but also to give our outfit a touch of rock ‘n’ roll! As for colours, they range from red to green to grey … the list just goes on!

No accessories are excluded from my beloved Scottish pattern, be they coats, sweaters, mini skirts, shoes or bags! This “reinterpretation” of tartan makes it an extremely versatile print perfectly suitable both for more formal outfits (without exaggerating!), as well as for more “punk” looks (remember mine?)

The weave and warm fabric are ideal for the coming winter! You can experiment with different tartan garments or accessories in the same outfit for a street wear look. For something more formal, however, remember to use just one tartan garment teamed with dark colours!
And as always… here are some picks for you from this fall/winter’s collections!



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