Waiting for Christmas

Waiting for Christmas

Pinelle, Pinelli!!!! Are you enjoying the few days holidays before Christmas? This is when we decorate the Christmas tree, right? We got to work on our preparations over the weekend… and we managed to put up the tree as well as the Nativity scene.
I know we were a little ahead of time, but since I had stuff to get ready for the final of BB, we preferred to do it now while we were all together.

Mia, Tommy and I began with the tree. We opened all the boxes of decorations and gradually went to town. Ours is a classic Christmas tree and the decorations are always more or less the same. The only thing we do is to add a new piece every year. This year the new entry is the treetop! We picked this lovely cloth Santa with dangling legs, looking down on us from above. We instantly fell in love with it.
As you can see, some of the decorations are mementoes from when the kids were small, and others have made our family Christmas “history”.
For the nativity, I must admit that credit goes almost exclusively to Paolo. He was so great, and our scene is slightly modern, even featuring skiers on the snowy hills! 🙂 Baby Jesus isn’t in the manger yet of course…there is still a bit to wait!
And how are you getting on with your Christmas decorations?
We’re sending you all a big kiss… and remember that there are only 17 days left until Christmas!!!! 😉

Natale-casa marcuzzi-08
Natale-casa marcuzzi-09
Natale-casa marcuzzi-10
Natale-casa marcuzzi-06
Natale-casa marcuzzi-05
Natale-casa marcuzzi-01
Natale-casa marcuzzi-03
Natale-casa marcuzzi-07
Natale-casa marcuzzi-13
Natale-casa marcuzzi-02
Natale-casa marcuzzi-11
Natale-casa marcuzzi-15

Alessia’s look
Jeans: Mother
Pullover: Isabel Marant Étoile

 Mia’s look
Total look: Gap


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