Black & White stripes

Black & White stripes

Hello there Pinelle and Pinelli! So, how far on are you with your Christmas preparations? And what are your plans for New Year?
Since you and I will have a few “glam” events to attend during this festive season, such as maybe a few Christmas dinners, cocktails with friends or work dinners etc.. I thought that it was time to dedicate a few posts to clothes that are a little more elegant and different from what we usually wear on a day-to-day basis! The first one that I’ve decided to show you is this fabulous long silk dress with black and white stripes by Daniele Carlotta.
We’ve played around slightly with the split right at the front of this dress, also because, depending on how you want to wear it, you can open or close the buttons that run right down its length. I couldn’t help but take a few sexy photos… eheheh! We took the first ones in my shower at home, doing the same sort of thing I did with my swimming costumes this summer. I love the light and the mixture of reflections created in there.

The dress reaches slightly below the knee, so it’s midi length, and simply must be worn with high heels. I have chosen these ultra-high suede boots (another one of this year’s trends… but I don’t want to spoil tomorrow’s post for you!!!) by Aquazzura. If you choose boots that are so high they reach your knee then obviously you have to leave your skirt open a little so that you can see them! 😉
Well, I think that this dress could also be suitable for a romantic dinner for two, don’t you agree? This fun trick with the split is really quite intriguing…
A big kiss from your Pinella!!



Dress: Daniele Carlotta
Boots: Aquazzura


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