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Rediscover Traditions and tastes


Dear Pinelli,
Today is a very particular day, because I imagine that all of us are feeling angry and with a strong desire of hope. In these difficult moments, I love rediscovering beautiful things and being amazed by creativity. So I have decided to talk about a delicious desserts, that is not just part of the Italian craftsmanship and tradition, but it is also a symbol of peace.
I am talking about Colomba that along with chocolate eggs, is one of the typical Easter dessert, and together they tell the story of the traditional Italian patisseries. Colomba has very controversial origins but surely the one we all know finds its origins at the beginning of the XX century in Milan, produced by the same patisserie that was famous for Panettone. A simple dessert, with basic ingredients like candied fruit, flour, butter, eggs, sugar, orange peel and with almonds and icing on top. But there are many varieties… think about the Sicilian one with Bronte Pistachios… delicious.  I love this dessert when it is prepared with care.

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© pic from Instagram @pavemilano

And there are patisseries in Milan that really focus on the value of ingredient and on natural leavening Pavè is a lab that makes a handmade Easter Colomba realized with starter yeast. Or T’a, a very elegant patisserie in the center of Milano, where you can taste Colomba and Easter eggs made in a very special way, because they contain the best milk or dark chocolate  from Venezuela.
To me, tasting Easter desserts is like travelling and rediscovering our national ingredients. Rediscoveingr starter yeast is absolutely a must, because it gives products a unique taste. Aromas, tastes and consistency are totally different. There is a wonderful place in Milan called Pasta Madre and their motto is “Qui si spaccia Lievito Madre” (“Here we smuggle starter yeast”).


© pic from pavemilano website

I think you should taste and rediscover all the natural and genuine tastes of our tradition, because in this way we’ll be able to find our origins once again.

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