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Homemade snack? Granola bars!


Dear Pinelle,

Yesterday afternoon I was at home and I wanted to prepare a snack, but not the usual fruit salad or yogurt! So I decided to do something tasty and fun… Homemade granola bars!

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Yes I know, we can find many alternatives in the supermarket and they are already made… but doing things at home allow us to use natural ingredients, something we often don’t find in pre packed products. This is why they are ideal as a snack for kids but also for grownups… I have to admit that I was uncertain at the beginning…I thought I would make a disaster ???

But then I followed some recipes I found online and it wasn’t so hard! I had a lot of fun!

But where do we start from?

First of all, you need to choose the cereal: wheat, muesli, spelt, puffed rice…then the taste, that we can personalize with fresh or dehydrated food, chocolate, seeds, dry fruit… generally the procedure is the same, just unite all cereals, fruits, seeds and mix everything with honey and brown sugar! Place everything on oiled oven paper and out it in the oven! Then, everything is ready to be cut! For Mia, I prepared tasty bars with oat flakes, chocolate and banana! With a juice, they are a very nutritious snack! Perfect solution for kids with difficult tastes that do not eat fruit.

For us grownups, I chose bars with wolfberries, the long life elixir! But we can choose among a lot of fruit, life all berries! As you know, I love dry fruit so in my bars I add some grinded almonds and some pumpkin seeds! Energetic and perfect for a snack or an alternative summer breakfast!

Pinelle, it was my first time, and I wasn’t so bad! My bars were eaten by everyone, and Paolo loved them too…

Come on, try and let me know how it went ?

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