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Gli shop di Alessia

Hat mania…. for a trendy summer!


cappelli paglia - LaPinella

Dear Pinelle,

Today I’ll talk about a MUST HAVE accessory, even for this summer: the hat!

I bet every woman has one in the wardrobe, since the 50’s and still now a day in a more contemporary style…the baseball cap, for a sporty style, the French beret for a romantic outfit, a panama hat for a chic and fashion addicted look and the foulard (used as a hat), that is tied as a turban like females in the 50’s used to wear it, still very popular now a day.

Have you seen how pretty Alicia Keys is with her turban and no makeup?

Alicia Keys senza truccopics by: Vanity Fair

Besides the Queen Elizabeth who has a collection of 5000 hats, we can learn that every event has a perfect hat! ?

As you might already know, my summer friend is him: the panama hat! I love it and it is perfect for my summer looks at the beach and in the city!

cappelli paglia - LaPinella

You can find all the right models for any kind of taste and all the brands, even low cost ones like ZaraH&M and TopShop… from classic panamas to sportier or more elegant, or the very colored, with stripes or summer patterns!

There are many varieties, that can adapt to any kind of outfits. I wear it with everything. I just love it, combined with patterned dresses or floral shirts and a light top…a simple, sporty and casual look, ideal for a relaxing day at the seaside!


With a long sleeveless dress, the hat is a chic element that you can wear during a happy hour of for a summer night! If the occasion is an elegant one, I choose a panama hat, super feminine and chic, combined with a pair of high heel sandals!



So Pinelle, the hat is an accessory that you truly must have, one for every season and moment of the day to give a special touch to our outfits, even the simplest ones.

And you Pinelle? What hat will you be wearing this summer?

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