Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Natural make-up for women with no time to lose!


I hardly ever wear make-up in my private life, I am so used to using foundation and eye pencil for work that I gladly go without if I have to go out and do the shopping or take my children somewhere. Today however I want to give you a few little tips that make you look good and hide any blemishes, while being super quick to apply.

Let’s start with foundation. I use one with a sun filter that you put on with a sponge… I buy a one that is less oily so it doesn’t create too obvious cover, but you have to test them out on your own skin to find the one that best suits you. Lipstick is my next, must-have, step – I can’t look at my reflection in the mirror without. I love a red mouth even without any other make-up. I know that men aren’t generally fans, but I find it sensual and really chic!!!

Let’s move onto mascara. You have no idea… I’ve found one that leaves me speechless when I put it on! I am talking about Vamp mascara by Pupa! Easy to find in your local store, it has an excellent quality /price ratio and even if I’d heard it was supposed to give you super-long thick eyelashes, I really didn’t believe it could be so amazing! Believe me, I have tried it, two coats and I looked like I had false eyelashes – awesome!!!

Finally, if you want that healthy glow, add a little pink blusher to your cheeks, creamy and easy to apply (lots of cosmetic manufacturers make one now) and there you are, super natural and ready for anything. 🙂


Mascara: Pupa
Foundation: Avène
Blush: Yves Saint Laurent

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