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“Vanity Fair”: backstage photos and exclusive snaps


Dear Pinelle and Pinelli,

Here are the backstage pics from my photo shoot for “Vanity Fair” just out now! We did the shoot a few weeks ago in a beautiful Roman villa on the Appian Way and it was, as always on glamorous occasions such as these, really exciting and lots of fun, because you feel like a real diva for one day. 🙂

I got there and the first person I met was none other than the man himself, Alan Gelati, photographer and my dear friend. Alan has immortalised me for nearly all my “Vanity” covers, and it’s always wonderful to work with such a great, world-famous professional like him. I remember the first time he photographed me: he had just come back from working with Nicole Kidman in New York … I wanted the ground to swallow me up! Now we are great friends, so a day-long photo shoot together is like trip to the country: lots of joking, laughing, dressing up and munching!!!! 😀 The stylist had brought me rails and rails of clothes, it was like playing with dolls, I didn’t know where to start… and I would have tried on every single thing!!!!!

In the photos, you can see the whole crew there that day, including my friend and agent’s assistant Laura, who I have called Laurina for many years now (in one photo you can see her smiling at the camera, wearing a long skirt). Antonio Pruno gave me a very wild hairstyle and ended up stealing my extensions… not my precious little kitten tails nooooo!!! Sabrina Farina did my very ‘70s make up: eyes well-defined with eyeliner and voila! “Strike the pose”!!!

If you see shots different from the ones published in “Vanity Fair” it is because not all of the photos taken could be included in the magazine. I have also put what would have been my favourite cover shot, but unpublished: the colour photo with a daisy between my teeth!!!

So what do you think, my little Pinelle (and Pinelli)? If you like, you can read my interview with Silvia Nucini: we had a nice, long chat, talking mainly about the world of women. Hugs and kisses!


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  1. Fabiana

    io amo follemente i tuoi capelli!!!

  2. roberto

    sei una autentica meraviglia!!!ogni giorno di piu’!!!complimenti ALE!!!!

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