Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Paris, the perfect trip for St. Valentine’s Day



Because “Paris is always a good idea”…

Surely is the capital of elegance. A city that enchants, excites, and makes you want to dream. Today I want to reveal many curiosities and addresses taken from my app La Pinella City. Oh yes, Paris is this month’s new entry of my little big project that I am so proud of.

Did you know that Paris is divided in 20 units, called arrondissement, each with its own major and city hall? The Arrondissement don’t necessarily correspond to a borough, but they are made of 4 areas, each with its own historic and cultural background, and with a strong identity.

One of the most characteristic borough is Montmartre. Its hill, especially during the XIX century, was the artists’ district and they gave to the whole area a well recognizable charm. You can find all the secrets in the section WALKING AROUND!!! Thanks to the super-efficient Parisian subway moving around won’t be a problem at all. The Latin quarter is surely a must and is the most lively of the city. Usually this borough is identified with the Saint Germain area, and to have a break you have to stop at Cafè de Flore, a true meeting point for Parisians!

There are countless attractive places in this city and surely, you have to get lost in the enchanted parks you will find in the city. The Palais Royal gardens are my favorites and they are truly unique… an oasis of peace and quietness, surrounded by a colonnade full of shops and cafes where you can relax at the end of the day.

Last but not least, in the RESTAURANT  section of the app, you will find many addresses to satisfy all tastes an pockets, but there is one in particular that I want to dedicate to all lovers: le Petrelle, a small restaurant with a chic and cozy environment. The food is sublime and just French cuisine is served. Perfect to propose to someone, or if you want to make unique a weekend full of love in the most magic and romantic city ever!

This is just the beginning. Be prepared, you will find many curiosities and tips about Paris and it will be available from February 14. Oh! I almost forgot, Happy Valentine’s day!

ParisParigi - LaPinella CityParigi - LaPinella City

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