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Arab Fashion Week and the enchanting Dubai


Arab Fashion week

Dear Pinelle,

Today I want to talk about a place full on energy and enchantment. Dubai is a beautiful city, surprising, exciting…able to unite the beauty of the desert’s landscape and the wonders of the future. Technology, beaches and desert, an amazing mix that gives the city a unique charm, besides being the neuralgic center of fashion and creativity. And during these days there is the second edition of the Arab Fashion Week from the 16 to the 19 of March, an exceptional occasion to discover new tendencies and new designers, all in the beautiful gardens of the St. Regis Hotel. 

Arab Fashion week

A special event, even because it offers a huge opportunity to promote new local and international designers and to push their creations worldwide. Many designers from the Arab world like JAMAL TASLAQ (Palestine), LAMYA ABEDIN (UAE), and even princess Tiji Al Anoud, who will debut with a collection inspired by Japan.

JAMAL TASLAQ© pics: Jamal Taslaq website

LAMYA ABEDIN© pics: Lamya Abedin website

Check out her dresses Pinelle, it’s like travelling, with a mix of elegance and oriental charm…

If you ever go to this city, don’t forget about the Dubai Mall, that during these days hosted a special event MAGIK KIDS. A show dedicated to the kids wear world that had some Italian protagonists like Miss Grant, Miss Blumarine and I Pinco Pallino.

Spike south dubai© pics: Dubai Tourism website

The Dubai Mall  is a mix of tradition and innovation, where you can find many new items like make up and special Arabic essences. Perfect for special moments also with your little ones, because inside there is a huge aquarium, but if you feel overwhelmed by the rhythms of this city, take a walk to the Spice Souk, the spice market, where you can find unique aromas and rose petals…
Dubai is the city of the future, but it is also the place where time stops, between special colors and unique sensations

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