centrifuga detox

Thanks everyone for yesterday night, for your affection and also because you shared a part of your Easter Monday with me. After the forth episode of Isola, truly full of surprises, I am still full of energies and I still can’t stop… too many emotions and too much energy. And you Pinelli, do you feel tired and exhausted after the big Easter feast?

Spring is a season that I love, and besides the annoying allergies, it has always been for me a moment of rebirth… an explosion of colors, flowers, and also a moment to detox. The organism needs to eliminate all the toxins that we accumulated during winter to feel light once again. I like to start my days by preparing a juice. The ideal thing is mixing seasonal fruits and veggies to enjoy all the positive effects that it has on the organism and to give back some vitality to your body and, why not, to your thoughts too. During these days I love to walk and enjoy beautiful days. I like to mix spring colors like green and orange, not just when I wear something, but also when I choose ingredients…

Colors and seasonal ingredients are ideal to create perfect depurative juices. Green surely recalls veggies and it is perfect if mixed with orange and yellow. Asparagus dominate all spring tables, they are depurative, diuretic and full of vitalizing substances. Celery and asparagus are perfect together with citruses. I cut the asparagus, the celery, some carrots and I add some sweetness with the green apple. I love drinking this beverage in the morning as soon as I wake up or even in the afternoon after a sweet snack…


The orange of the grapefruit is perfect combined with green. Full of vitamins, perfect to depurate and to get rid of cellulitis. Its bittersweet taste goes along with green apples, lemons and ginger. A mix that gives energy and vigor to the organism and I can assure you that it also gives you a lot of vitality. Orange, green and yellow and now we can say that spring is officially started.


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