Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

I want gelato!!!


Even if there are still no sunny days and hot weather I still feel like I want some gelatooo! Summer’s MUST HAVE, cornerstone of our culinary culture and apparently, the first traces of something similar to gelato were present in Asia Minor, China and Egypt. A common technique was mixing fresh snow with fruit and honey, obtaining sorbet, that takes its name from the Arabic word “sweet snow” (sherbet).


But gelato as we know it was created during the XVI century in Florence, and from that moment on the Italian tradition spread all over the world. After the II World War, the gelato industry was created. But what makes the difference between an industrial gelato and a handmade one are the ingredients, and it may sound stupid but without excellent ingredients it is impossible to obtain a delicious gelato. I love classic tastes like chocolate or hazelnuts, but I also love lemon in the summer. Cone or cup? The Italian tradition says cone. I love it all year long, gelato can be eaten during any season, as a sneak or after dinner…

Of course, during sunny afternoons, when I walk around Rome or while I am doing shopping with my friend. A must when I am around the city center is the Gelateria dei Gracchi, where they make an excellent gelato, organic and handmade, with many alternatives if you are vegan or have any food intolerance…

gelato_gracchi©pics: Tripadvisor

When I am with Mia, I like to stop by at Gelateria Otaleg, where gelato is served upside down. Fresh and seasonal tastes, with the inevitable Bronte pistachio, but also other original tastes like gorgonzola and mustard 🙂


©pics: Otaleg facebook page

This year, the trend is organic, km0 and vegan desserts is growing and I have to confess that I prefer this too. No additive nor sugars, you can really get the natural and genuine taste of ingredients. Ever tried pistachio? Its natural taste is salty…. But delicious!!!!

But even when I am in Milan, I never say no to a nice gelato, so I go to Gelateria Paganelli, where ingredients are local and fresh like strawberries, wild berries, and Sicilian citrus! And then a surprise for your 4 paws friends, the Pet Sorbet, a special sorbet that your pet friend will be able to eat.


©pics: Paganerlli facebook page

But if you find yourselves in another country, and you feel like you need a gelato, pay attention Pinelli, never mistake gelato for ice cream! Very different among each other for their temperature, fats and air that there are in it…. A quality gelato needs to be handmade with fresh ingredients. What taste do you prefer?

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