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Dear Pinelle, it’s true that you can see how things will end by the way they begin… and what’s better than a shower as soon as you wake up?
Yes, I know you all have a lot to do, but we can optimize our time by combining a relaxing shower and a quick face cleansing. This morning, as soon as I woke up, I went to take a shower while I was singing as usual and I used by Mia2 beauty tool by Clarisonic. Relax and beauty.


Small, light and waterproof… I love it because I don’t have to think about anything, because the brush can stay and be cleaned under the water. With simple circular movements, I start from the forehead 20 secs, 20 secs on nose and chin and 10 secs and ten secs per cheek. 300 micro-oscillations per second. This very delicate and effective movement allows to remove deeply all impurities, dead cells, sebum and make up.
Alessia Clarisonic-11c
How can we know when we have to change the area? Easy, the T-Timer will emit a signal! Next step? I usually put on hydrating cream! Yes because after cleaning with Mia2, the skin absorbs better, and even our usual daily cream will have a different effect. Try Pinelle. And then you can do the same also before going to bed and anywhere you are, you can always bring Mia2 with you. Is perfect when you travel, it’s my favorite travel beauty tool. Start using it now, before you get tanned…you’ll see the difference ???

Beauty day - docciaBeauty day - docciaBeauty day - doccia

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