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Snacks at the beach…4 healthy & tasty ideas!


Dear Pinelle,
Almost holidays time, so let’s think about what to put in our beach bag!

Towels, bikini, sarong, panama hat, favorite magazine… and of course, some snacks! Yes because, between one bath and the sun, you consume a lot of energies and you start to feel a certain appetite! The seaside is a giant open air Spa! The salt purifies our skin and the activity in the water tones our body! A unique occasion to relax and take care of our body.

What do we eat under the beach umbrella?

Lunch at the beach is a MUST for the summer…my advice is to eat light snacks all day long, so that at night you are not too hungrye ???

Here there are some ideas to prepare healthy and tasty snacks, perfect to be brought with you!

A lot of fruit! Especially the seasonal ones, they are our best allied and cannot be missed during our days at the beach! During the morning, I like to eat a fruift salad…watermelon, peaches, apricots, melon… all this season’s fruit that I love! Alternatively, it’s ok a light yogurt with berries…my beloved blueberries and raspberries…I love them!

Salads for everyone! For lunch, I choose something that makes my stomach happy, without making me feel heavy. Rice salad, pasta salad (better if whole), chicken salad, barley salad… choose whatever you like! I usually prepare cous cous or spelt, with veggies and prawns or natural tuna. Practical and delicious! Ever tried to place them in jars? On the bottom the seasoning, and then, step by step different ingredients. perfect for your taste buds and for the environment. Avoid plastic and have a better taste by keeping thing in glass jars.


Smoothies and dry fruit are the perfect snack! I love carrots, mango, orange and ginger juice…full of C vitamins that helps us getting a better tan! At “Fruteiro do Brasil” in Dubai, I’ve tried the best one, but I am sure you can find something anywhere. Some almonds and nuts, full of antioxidants and vitamins, perfect to regain some energies and to moisture our skin!

Drink, drink, drink…don’t forget to drink a lot of water Pinelle! At the seaside, with the hot weather and the sun, our body needs to stay hydrated. If you don’t like to drink so much water, then do as I told you, bring some fruit flavored water… you won’t regret it!

Pinelle, I am getting ready! Sunglasses, hat…oh! almost forgot my snacks! I put everything in my precious Anita Beach a righe and I go (in my mind) to the next beach!

And you Pinelle, what are your favorite snacks on the beach?

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