Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia



Dear Pinelle,

Everybody is talking about it, and everybody wants to see “LOVE”, Danilo Eccher’s contemporary art exhibition that is held in the evocative Chiostro del Bramante museum here in Rome.

This exhibition is a brand new cultural event that deals with one of the universally acknowledged feelings that has always been subject to studies and representations: love.

It’s an itinerary that describes all sides and aspects of this feeling, thanks to an absolutely unique guided event: each guest will be able to choose among “5 audio partners” in order to live an almost personalized experience that will create different visions of love and hate in all of us.

I still have to go and see it, but I wanted to give you as much information as possible! The exhibition will be held until the 19th of February 2017, so we have plenty of time to convince our partner in living a day full of love.

Kisses to all of you!






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