Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Go and visit the Marche!


Dear Pinelle,

you can’t deny that, in order to really understand something, you need to actually see it. When you only hear about it, when you see the news on TV or read some newspaper articles, you always get the feeling that what happened is very distant from you, but these tragedies took place only a couple of hours away from us. Together with my friend Rudy, thanks to the Touring Club Italiano (Italian Touring Club) and the Bandiere Arancioni, I was able to visit and learn more about two towns hit by the earthquake, Visso and San Ginesio. In spite of this tragedy, its inhabitants where able to start over again, and these places still have a lot to offer to tourists.

I met the mayors, who are two great men, and lots of people who work day and night in order to bring these fantastic places back to life. But what really surprised me was to see the smile on everybody’s face. And the fantastic monuments, even if ruined a little. And the fantastic landscape, that will never disappear, no matter what happens. And the fantastic food… and its smell.

We must not forget about those areas of Italy struck by the earthquake… We have to go and visit these wonderful towns, so we can support its citizens. Go spend a weekend it these areas, together with your children too, and I assure you that you will see some magical places!

A big hug to the entire Marche region, I’ll be back soon!

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