Sì… Viaggiare!

Sì… Viaggiare!

Ciao Pinelle!!!

This week after the GF episode I went to Milan for a few days for work. So Tuesday morning I got my stuff together and I decided to show you what I packed in my suitcase… and also, if I do a little checklist with you maybe I will manage to cut down a little on what I am taking 😀
Packing lightweight doesn’t come natural to us women ehehhehehe

Here it is my “slightly overflowing” beauty kit, it would be enough for a month maybe. 😀

However let’s talk about my products, starting from the face, day cream from Kiehl’s which I have recently been finding really good and an Evian water spray which I use as a toner throughout the day to hydrate my skin. A face mask from Institut Esthederm, they also do amazing sun creams! An OPI nail varnish (colour: Dutch tulip) in case of those necessary retouches and to keep my lips hydrated the Eight Hour  cream from Elisabeth Arden, which I am sure you have heard of, all the models use it on their long haul flights!

And not to forget that dazzling smile, my new White Now Gold Mentadent toothpaste! An excellent beauty product with an instant effect because after just one brush your teeth are immediately whiter. What’s more it doesn’t take up much room so it’s perfect for your travel kit or to keep in your handbag for a whiter smile always and anywhere!
Then the Sensai Kanebo makeup remover and the Vichy eye cream and deodorant!

Next there’s my rebellious hair. 😀 I always use this Alterna shampoo that makes my hair softer and the Paul Mitchell  conditioner to tame my wild curls!! The Redken anti-snap is something I couldn’t live without before blow-drying my hair along with the Davines salt spray that you put on dry hair and it gives your hair that summer beach look. Finally the Avene hand cream, I hate having dry hands, and the Aloe vera gel that I use everywhere. I couldn’t resist these little samples from Luciano Conti… they’re small so they don’t take up much room… right??? ehehhe The makeup bag and clutch are from Chanel as well as this amazing lightly scented shower gel that I love!

But let’s get on to the clothes! I decided to take with me two pairs of jeans and some cute tops! Some slightly sexy underwear from Agent Provocateur… only a few things because Claudia is in charge of the outfit for my work evening!

To complete my “Mary Poppins” suitcase, my iPad with the British flag cover to stay in contact with you all, sunglasses and my Marks & Angels bag as a spare… I am ready to go!!!

Are you going to join me on the train??!! Milano I’m coming!!

PS: All my makeup is in my blue and black Chanel clutch that you can see in the photos… I’ll reveal what’s inside next time! 😉


Jeans: Top Shop
Tshirt: Top Shop
Camicia: Current Elliott
Boots: Rag & Bone
Borsa: Marks & Angels
Trolley: Prada


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