Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine

Here I am pinelle with some more beauty tips for you!

And what better way to kick off the day if not with a shower? My beauty routine begins right here because I can instantly smooth my skin using Herbalife Skin scrub, a regenerating treatment with red fruits, therefore rich in antioxidants, for an exfoliation that makes the skin smoother and softer. Once out of the shower, I move onto my face routine and prepare it for the application of the next cream, using energising Tonic made from herbs, again from the Herbalife Skin range, which refreshes and revitalises the skin without drying it and can be used both morning and evening for deep, perfect cleansing.

Actually… my dear pinelle, I have another beauty secret to tell you. My day really begins before my shower, when I wake up. I drink a little bottle of PURE GOLD COLLAGEN®, a real anti-age product that nourishes from the inside and combats the appearance of the signs of ageing, a unique mix of collagen and active principles that are not only good for the skin, but which make our hair healthier and strengthen our nails too.

Now let’s move on to make up… With the arrival of the hot weather, I try not to clog up my skin too much and apply just a light layer of foundation, in this case Maestro by Armani, a unique texture with oil pigments that correct the complexion and is long lasting! On my lips, before applying my beloved tinted lip balm by Laura Mercier, which you all know well by now, I use Clarins protective balm which hydrates, repairs chapped lips and keeps them soft! Lastly, before going out, a drop or two of perfume never go amiss… these days I’m using Ginger, from the Parfumerie Centrale in Formentera… a taste of last summer!!

All that’s left to do is to stuff everything into a bag and let the day begin!!!

What do you think Pinelle?


Herbalife Skin Scrub
Herbalife Skin Tonico Energizzante
Parfumerie Centrale Ginger
Armani Fondotinta Maestro
Clarins Lucidalabbra Joli Baume

Laura Mercier rossetto


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