Coca Cola, a world of trends…

It is one of the most famous brands on the planet, always one step ahead of trends and has even revolutionised a legendary figure like Santa Claus. Can you guess what I’m talking about? It’s the world’s best loved drink: Coca Cola!
Always associated with Christmas, it is actually “thanks” to Coca Cola that Santa’s suit changed colour. In 1930, his outfit was actually green, but after the advertising campaigns by the famous drink, Santa Claus turned red and became the symbol of this brand and its Christmas celebrations.

A synonym of positivity, altruism and family, Coca Cola has a way of communicating so firmly rooted in American culture that it has become part of all our daily lives. It was one of the first brands to feature an Afro-American, Mary Alexander, in its advertising, to introduce cartoon-style characters like Sprite Boy (who has nothing to do with Sprite the drink, to be clear!), and can boast a host of super stars endorsers, not least Taylor Swift in a truly fantastic commercial. Some of the biggest fashion houses from Marc Jacobs to Jean Paul Gaultier have heightened its fashion aspect by personalising cans or the silhouette of the legendary glass bottle which, this very year, is 100 years old! The ambassadors for the campaign? Three timeless icons, of course: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles.
Be it in a plastic bottle, glass bottle or can, Coca Cola has always set itself apart for its attractive marketing… do you remember the bottles with a phrase or a name two summers ago? Everyone tried to copy them, but there is only one original!
We have picked out some of greatest images linked to this brand… Can you remember them all??


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