Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

An afternoon at the Nail Bar: polish and chat


Today I want to talk about nail polish and show you some photos from a rather grey afternoon I spent having a manicure with my beauticians Noemi and Michela.

Recent years have seen the arrival of the Nail Bar craze in Italy, too. We often say that hands are a woman’s calling card and, as you know, I love changing my polish. Bad sign do you think?

Today these “places of worship” for us Pinelle have all the latest technologies at their disposal for pampering our hands: gels, reconstructions, semi-permanent polishes. Not only, they are also somewhere for simply spending an hour or so with our girlfriends, (if we don’t work or the kids are at school), chilling out and chatting while they take care of our extremities. Bliss!

I met up with Claudia, who was there with her dog Ben (you can see him in the photos – he’s into everything!) and even if I didn’t intend taking any photos, we did because she kept saying I was sporting the perfect rainy day look for this weird weather we’re having: here is the result!

If you are in Rome and want to go where I do, check it out here: Noemi Nails. And if you want to know what colours I’m loving right now, here you are: “Red Light Ahead… where?” by OPI and “647 Lilis” by Chanel, a new truly fab colour for the summer.

And what are your fave nail colours?


Trousers: Joie
Denim shirt: Mango
Camouflage jacket: Topshop
Shoes: Converse All Star
Bag: Marks & Angels

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