Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

The “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” look: backstage photos


Dear Pinelle and Pinelli, here I am again with one of the looks that I used for my favourite EVER show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition Italia”!

I can’t tell you too much about the family we helped (you’ll just have to wait until the show goes out), but we were really feeling the look and the mood there so Claudia and I decided to take a few pictures anyway.

The day we took these shots wasn’t exactly the best of days because the heavens opened and it poured down on the house we were working on. Plus, we were well behind schedule and so were really worried that we’d never get the whole house done in time (just one week!).

In today’s pictures Claudia and I were in a stunning place by the lake, taking a quick break. There are photos in the camper van, on the grass and with my design team, which is made up of Nicola Saraceno (architect), Fabrizio Vilardo (interior designer) and Luca Pirani (garden designer). I think this slightly tom boy look with a rough plait (click here to watch the video tutorial!) might give you a few ideas for a Northern European road trip or a holiday in the mountains. 🙂

Love and kisses x (In the next few days I’ll post some more photos from the set… WE CAN!!!!)


Trousers: Reiko
Shirt: Topshop
Belt: Dad Crown
Shoes: Fiorentini Baker
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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  1. Lisa Latroisieme

    ..mi piaci in tutte le salse cara, ma oggi sei molto La Troisième !!!!

    Bacio grande

    1. MG

      Oddio Lisa l’ho pensato anche io…ahahah

  2. Cecilia

    Pinella domani vengo a vedere la registrazione della puntata…. spero di riuscire a conoscertiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    1. Avatar photo

      Fatti riconoscere Cecilia…sarete tantissimiiiiii

      1. Cecilia

        Aleeee stamattina non ce l’ho fatta sono arrivata tardi ma non mollo , non posso perdere l’occasione di conoscerti !!!!!!!!!! :)))

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