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Gli shop di Alessia

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Dear Pinelle, I have just finished filming the episodes of EMHEI… I’ve been away for quite a while but it was definitely a thrill (and very tiring!). However, before I plunge into another adventure, Fashion Style with Silvia Toffanin and Cesare Cunaccia, I have decided to take a day to chill out and pamper myself… and since many of you are always asking what products I use for my body and hair…voila! Today, I’m going to start with hair and body, and then I’ll bring you up to speed on makeup and nail polish!
I have all my products spread out on my bed and I’m ready to show you the works!!! 😀

I’ll start by telling you about a project by Clarins, the “Feed 10” beauty pouch which contains some of their best products. The important thing here is that while you look after your body, you are also helping children through the World Food Program.

So, for the body I almost always use Bio-Oil: it is specialised in skin care and helps to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. I also read some of your comments warning me about the use of this product and so I decided to look into it. Here is the website I found regarding the “incriminating” substance: paraffin. From what I’ve read, the Paraffinum Liquidum contained in Bio-Oil has an extremely safe toxicological profile… so basically no risk to our health!

An alternative I adore is Argan Oil. While it’s fabulous for the body, it’s a really incredible source of nourishment for your hair! There are several brands and a wide range of products with Argan oil for hair on the market, but the shampoo and conditioner Nashi Argan is absolutely fantastic! I found it in one of the Sugarboxes. They are made in Italy and are eco-friendly products… really fab!

There is a shampoo that nourishes your hair while you sleep, which I use once a week and it is miraculous, to say the least: Rescue Repair While You Sleep by Alterna, a slightly pricey brand but perhaps the crème de la crème for looking after your hair!

Before blow-drying I recommend a heat protection product to avoid damaging your precious locks, and I use one by Redken, which is excellent. And lastly, when your hair is dry, you can achieve a slightly wild look, a sort of “okI’vejustwokenupandlookwhatfabuloushairIhave” style not to mention a surf girl effect thanks to the product firm hold Styling Fluid with white sugar by Aldo Coppola. It is incredible, with a guaranteed beach effect! I always use it going on air!

Another great shampoo is from the BluOrange range. This brand has lots of hair care products and (as you are already well aware :)) I am always in a bit of a tangle with mine…! 🙂
Then there are the products by Mikki More , made with coconut oil and also for pampering your beloved tresses!

There we go Pinelle, a few tips to keep you going, and the next instalment will be even more detailed!!! 🙂

Tracksuit bottoms: Free City
Tank Top: Zara


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  1. Darian

    Sono molto orgoglioso della Mikki più capelli linea di cura, e sono molto riconoscente di menzione.
    Non esitate a contattarci in qualsiasi momento per le tue esigenze di cura dei capelli.
    Da New York, ci auguriamo contiued successo.


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