Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Dear pinelle and pinelli, it’s been a while since I last suggested some kid’s looks using my trusty and outstanding model Rebecca!

In fact, whenever she comes to my house with her mum (my friend Ezia), she’s always a great source of inspiration. I simply cannot resist this girl!
In she walks, like a ballerina, with a smile on her lips, and in no time we are having fun playing in front of the camera lens. It only takes a few minutes as she’s so easy to photograph we barely realise we’re doing it!

The funny thing is that Mia doesn’t really understand what we’re doing there in front of the walls and she interrupts to say something to her little friend… ahahahahah!!! 🙂

The outfits Rebecca models are very affordable – almost always low cost – and you can easily find them in your town or online. However, the real Italian Victoria Beckham is Ezia! She’s always impeccably dressed and manages to pick out really trendy little pieces… not like your pinella who, if she could, would always dress like a tomboy…ahahahaha!!!

Hugs and kisses

Dress – Slipper: H&M
Jacket: Le Petit Coco
Leggings: Gap
T-Shirt: Happiness

Sweatshirt: Gaëlle Bonheur  
Jeans: Htc
Boots: Isabel Marant

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