Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Only for kids!


Dear pinelle,

A few weeks ago I took Mia to see Cinderella at the Teatro Brancaccio with Claudia’s nieces Giulia and Chiara who came with her! Needless to say they all had a wonderful time and to round off a lovely day we all came back to my house to play for a bit.

Speaking of Giulia and Chiara, I wanted to tell you about GiuChi Kids again. Do you remember the little clothes market their mum Simona did a while ago, which I blogged about here?!? So here, to prove that your dreams and desires can come true, thanks also to your support, GiuChi has expanded and as of now has become an e-commerce site ….Simona with her imagination and the help of good seamstresses, is making clothes for little girls and some for the boys too.

Of course these three little girls that you see below are all dressed in GiuChi! J What do your baby pinelle think about their outfits?!?

But it doesn’t finish here… today’s post is only and exclusively for the pinelle mums and pinelli dads!

A short while ago I received a press release that presented an ingenious idea for us parents!

Those who have children know just how hard it is to leave the house… with a thousand things to carry with you, you need a superhero force to manage to take everything. 
 Babymoov (distributed in Italy by Damble) has created an extremely practical Ultra Compact Booster Seat with removable cushions. It’s a great alternative to those bulky high-chairs and easy to use not only for din-dins but also for play-time!

I think it is the perfect companion for both your trips out (it’s foldable!) and for those times when you eat at restaurants where, believe it or not, high-chairs do not exist!

Here below you can see some photos, so you can get an idea!
I found it very useful and practical too…. What about you? 😉


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