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Grande Fratello 13 Episode 11 Look


 Ciao Pinelle!!!

We are almost at the end! The eleventh episode has been and gone and we now have only officially 2 more to go! The final leg!!!!

This week the episode started off live at the arena, so as you can imagine we had to race back to the studio in time for the show!!!  😀 But let’s not waste time in small talk… let’s talk about Monday’s look!

We chose this gorgeous yellowy green Versace dress with a floral pattern, which has a double layer of material, almost like a wrap dress, which really gives it some movement. Then we added a wide black belt that you fasten just above the hips. The shoes were so rock style!!! Black, with a really high heel and metal detailing… a true Lady Gaga all Versace look!

And as usual to finish off, the jewellery. This time I chose some Yvonne Christa earrings with a stone that brings out the colours in the dress and rings from Airoldi!

So do you like the eleventh episode’s outfit? Until next Monday!!!

Dress: Versace
Belt: Versace
Shoes: Versace
Rings: Airoldi
Earrings: Yvonne Christa

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