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Gli shop di Alessia

Backstage at Coca-Cola Summer Festival!


Ciao Pinelle!

Here I am, finally, to tell you about the Coca-Cola Summer Festival #dilloconunacanzone!

Today I am taking you backstage with me… showing you an assortment of my photos, I posted some of these on my Instagram while we were recording the show and the others are new, just for you!

Rudy Zerbi and Angelo Baiguini were there to keep me company on stage this year… there’s no need to say what amazing colleagues they were!
There were so many artists appearing on stage: Emma, Marco Carta, Alessandra Amoroso, the Modà, Emis Killa, Moreno, Nek, Giusy Ferreri, the Tiromancino… plus, we had the honour of hosting many foreign artists too!

What can I say Pinelle, we had a fabulous time. We recorded it at Piazza del Popolo and we were welcomed by an amazing audience (I couldn’t resist…and I rushed over to take a selfie with some girls in the audience! ehehehe)!
The photos you see here below are a “summary” of the whole festival and you see me both ready to go on stage and with my travelling buddies, on the stage, during the run through.

Among the amazing acts of the first episode there’s also my dear friend Laura Pausini… and have you seen Emma Marrone’s outfit? Oh yes… she was “paparazzied” while she wore the shorts and top from my capsule collection for Gaëlle Bonheur!

I will leave the photos to speak for me… I, however, will see you tonight on Canale5 for the first episode of the Coca-Cola Summer Festival!!!



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