Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Watchword: METAL!

The closer the Christmas holidays come, the more sequins, spangles and metallic gold and silver garments appear in shop windows and online stores … plus much, much more! There are those who would never wear any such thing, and those who go wild for all that glitters!

Christmas and New Year light up thanks to metallic glints and everything that sparkles! From accessories to actual garments, from gold to bronze, silver to green and electric blue… From simple garments to classic tops, pleated skirts and bomber jackets with spangles. From iridescent ski jackets and boots perfect for a party in the snow, to hair accessories for veritable disco queens!

Everything glitters, everything sparkles, and this is the most glamorous trend for these festivities! But if you shy away from too much glitz, there are casual pieces out there you can expertly mix with others which, at first glance, are more eye-catching and showy. And why not, wear them (in small doses) with everyday garments to create a unique and unforgettable ensemble!
Do not fear, but dare and dare again… with the utmost taste, of course!!! 😉
Happy, sparkly holidays to you all!!!!


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