Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Chocolate eggs: art and taste


Uova di Pasqua

Uova di Pasqua©pic by Bompiani Rome

During this period, is inevitable to talk about sweets and all the delicacies that characterize each Italian region. But if there is an ingredient that I love, something that is truly a must, is as you know chocolate. Ideal to taste but also to observe…oh yes, because sometimes it can be a true work of art.  Think about the abilities of the maître chocolatier, able to give unique shapes to chocolate eggs. Together with Colomba, the eggs are the sweet symbol of Easter, and they are also the perfect gift to give to the people we love. with decorations, unique tastes, personalized gifts, they are bonbonnière exposed in all the shop windows… And sometimes are so beautiful that it is a pity to eat them…

If we talk about a link between art and chocolate, we need to mention the Bompiani lab in Rome. A patisserie where you can taste delicious sweets and enjoy their experimentations especially during Christmas or Easter. And during Easter they will inaugurate a show dedicated to chocolate eggs with some homages to artists like Paul Klee, Kandinsky and many more. It is truly fascinating to explore the creativity and ability that you can find in this little taste masterpieces.

uova di Pasqua - Bompiani Roma uova di Pasqua - Bompiani Roma©pic by Bompiani Rome


Uova di Pasqua Cova Milano©pic by Cova Milan

Even Milan is full of chocolate heavens, live the patisserie Cova in Montenapoleoe, that offers the  Petit Chocolat collection. Eggs with different dimensions, packed in a very elegant way and with different colors.

Uova di Pasqua Cadbury©pic by Cadbury World

Besides the taste, what I love about chocolate is the surprise inside. So many feelings when you unwrap chocolate eggs. And you know Pinelli, who invented the surprise in the Easter egg? In 1875 it was the English confectionery company Cadbury who came up with the idea. And as I suggest on Pinella City, if you are in London with your kids or if you want to feel like one, go to the Cadbury World chocolate factory, a true amusement park, with spaces dedicated to games and of course, chocolate. Because in these days we have to eat a lot of tasty things but also and especially have fun…

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