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Fuorisalone 2016: wandering around Milan…


Here we are Pinelle…A few days ago stared my favorite event. Every year I try not to miss at least a walk around the streets of Milan, and during these days, since I am in this city for the show Isola, I got the chance to wander around the city.

From the 12th to the 17th of April, there is the Salone del Mobile Fair, but all around the city, streets, squares, universities are transformed with events, shows, art… and so many of them. And last Tuesday, the opening day, I went around the city with Mia, visiting the places I love: Tortona, Sant’Ambrogio and then I went to a very creative area, Ventura Lambrate.

salone del mobile - 2016salone del mobile - 2016

This year’s news? Surely the protagonists, the artisans and their encounter with the digital world, the so called Fab-Lab, where designers and artists have fun experimenting. Fuorisalone is a unique occasion to discover all the news when it comes to design and then, why not, we can use them if we want to redecorate our home. I love objects and furniture, and I saw a lot of beautiful things…as the original coffee-table or the petal shaped table by Molteni.

salone del mobile - 2016

This year, the keyword is contamination…a fusion of genres and environments, looking for comfort and a pleasant experience. This is also the year of Eurocucina, 120 exhibitors on 23.000 square meters to discover all the new trends about the warmest place in the house. Something interesting has been offered by Miele, with The Invisible Kitchen, a multisensorial installation in the Tortona area where you can find and see something very unusual. I was fascinated by the transparent walls, no distinction between what’s inside and what is outside. Walking around, observing, I had this feeling: the environment loose its borders and the experience becomes an emotion.

salone del mobile - 2016

Then, I had to take a quick look to the Triennale, that the 2nd of April started the fair “design after design” with events around the city. I love this place even because I can always take a special break with Mia…I love the garden in front of Parco Sempione, full of art and installations that are also appreciated by kids, and they can also play with them… you can find it on the kids category on my app…

And if you want to finish your tour at Fuorisalone, then you really need to go in the Ventura Lambrate area…an international atmosphere…it seems like you are in London or Berlin, all young designers and open galleries with drinks and music…

Basically, just abandon yourself to the creativity and innovation that you can breathe during these days around the streets of Milan…

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