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Gli shop di Alessia

Light and tasty snacks: it’s time for a break!



After the emotion of the semifinals, I am getting ready for the big final next Monday. During these days, it is important to be full of energies and gritty, even during my travelling between Rome and Milan. Oh yes, because when you are not at home, you never have time to sit down and eat, and there is always that moment during the day when your stomach starts rumbling…and I can’t help it, I have to eat something!! So I immediately choose one of my favorite snack, quick and tasty but especially healthy because full of properties and nutrients. As you know, I like to crunch dry fruit, particularly almond, I like to crumble them in salads or yogurts. Oh yes, there is always yogurt in my light breaks…I love Greek yogurt, I like to eat it with seeds…


Pumpkin seeds, Chia, sesame, and then I add seasonal fruit. So I boost myself with energies and good calories everywhere I go. Fruit is my passion, and during my days, or busy afternoon, I always bring with me a box with some wild fruits, red fruits and strawberries. Quick, you don’t need to peel them and you can eat them anywhere 🙂


But dear Pinelli, for me snack time is a true passion, even while I travel around the world I never renounce to a healthy and tasty snack. In my app I dedicated an entire category to Snack and Bars in every city that I visited and love like: London, Paris, News York and Dubai. Who said that British people eat badly and always fried food?

In London, at Borough Market you don’t eat just Hamburgers, but there are a lot of organic and natural snacks like whole bread with honey, fresh fruit, yogurt, etc… even in New York, and I know that we are used to see movies where Americans eat only hot dogs, but it is not true, I can insure you.

Going around the city it is possible to discover many amazing places, where you can taste a healthy and light break with your kids, Juicy Cube is a tea bar where you can drink a delicious bubble tea, a Taiwanese drink with green or black tea, mixed with milk or fruit. Delicious! In Paris there are a lot of options…but I love Bread and Roses, a patisserie, salon de thè with very tasty products realized with organic ingredients. and the none of my favorite places is in Dubai, and every time I go there I stop by.


Fruteiro do Brasil, on the Dubai beach, and it’s ideal to have a healthy break. Fruit comes diretly from Brazil, and there are no sugars nor preservatives added. Try it, at least once, and then tell me what you think.

And now I am curious. What do you eat when you are not at home and your tummy starts rumbling?

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