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Gli shop di Alessia

Isola 2016 looks… ready for the final?


Good morning Pinelle, the moment we were waiting for has finally arrived. Few hours for the final episode of Isola 2016. Before leaving you breathless tonight…I want to share with you once more all my looks from this season. As you no, this year I chose my favorite stylist, Donatella Versace, my Favorite blonde, with her total black collection. Many of you told me I should have worn more colors, but I actually loved my outfits, sexy, very feminine and charming… following my rock mood: lace, transparences, net and determination. But I am curious to know, which one is your favorite dear Pinelle?

See you tonight! And even today, #meparecetodoestupendo ? ? ?


i look dell'isola 2016 i look dell'isola 2016i look dell'isola 2016

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