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Sandals: dare with style



Dear Pinelle, summer is coming and I can’t wait to set my feet free, since they have been caged in socks and boots for months! Sandals, sandals… what a passion. High heels, wedge heels, flat, ultra-flat, there is nothing comfier and sexy, perfect to breathe some fresh summer air.. a must have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe, and it also have a fascinating tradition.

The first traces of sandals go back to the stone age…but the first ones to wear real sandals were Egyptians, even if it was not common to have a pair of them.

They were commonly used in Greece and naturally among Romans, and even if it was more than 2 thousands years ago, they were a real trend. And thanks to Romans we have now gladiator sandals… the myth says that it was the emperor Tiberius, the one that made Capri his last home, started the Italian artisanal sandal tradition by wearing shoes with a hard sole and laces crossing the whole feet till the ankle.


Costanzo Ruocco has surely been a genius when it comes to this art, an artisan from Capri, who with his models attracted on the island many VIPs. Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Liz Taylor, Clark Gable, Jackie Onassis who even wanted a model made specifically for her and then it also became a classic, and also Sarah Jessica Parker and Jean Alesi. Jet-set people from the past and today looking for unique models.

And it keeps being a growing trend for this spring/summer. Every single stylist, from Valentino to Gianvito Rossi, from Isabel Marant to Gucci and Aqcuazzurra, everyone has gone wild creating different models for different tastes… colored, lace-up and gladiator sandals and the real deal this year, flat form and espadrilles models. The keyword is dare with shapes, colors, decors like fringes and small jewels!

Low cost brands like Zara, Mango and Top Shop are following the main fashion trends too, and they presented gorgeous casual- chic models that you can wear daily and also more sophisticated ones for elegant occasions. Everything for a spicy summer!


Thanks to the various models that you can find on the market, sandals are perfect for any type of outfit. As you know, I like to stay comfy so during the day while I am in the city, I like to wear flat sandals, with a pair of jeans, Capri trousers or simple dresses. When I want to be more chic and feminine, I wear high heels sandals that I can wear with mini sexy dresses. During the summer, I prefer a fresh and carefree look, so I wear super flat sandals or wedge heels, with jeans shorts, maxi dresses, long or short skirts.

Sandals are the perfect accessory to enhance your feminine side, giving a unique touch to your look. And you Pinelle? What is your favorite pair of sandals?


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