Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Young talents growing!


Dear Pinelle, since I was born and I grew up in Rome, art is part of me. That’s why when I travel, I love visiting galleries and museums, breath the creativity that the city has and share it with you, as I did in the past, with my beloved London! Today, I want to stay in Italy, in my city, because if there is something that the world envy us for is the ability to always create products with a unique and innovative design! The design world is an ever growing world and Rome is a city full of ideas and young creatives…as a mother, I like to think that guys, just a little older than my Tommaso, can make a living out of their passions. About this, an interesting project that recently caught my eye is Wondernet, a magazine about fashion, music, travel, pics, trends, with interviews to famous names that allows young designers to emerge. All topics that I love, as you Pinelle know very well, because I always talk about them.   ???


©pics by Wondernet

The thing that I love the most about this project is that it involved and keep involving a creative team of students from the courses Fashion Stylist and Fashion Editor and IED in Rome, a real institution for fashion in the capital. A really good opportunity! And the project was created and cured by Francesca Jori. Bagheera Boutique, founded by Francesca’s mom, is the first prêt-à-porter boutique in the exclusive Parioli neighborhood, created in 1972 and a true pioneer of the animalier style, an icon, a certainty.

PG9687_4_M_1080Schermata 2016-05-19 alle 12.00.36

©pics by Bagheera

Bagheera Boutique, whose name is inspired by Walt Disney, I saw cult for fashion lovers like us and you can find it on my app #LaPinellaCity. When I am looking for something new and fashionable I come here and I get lost in the cosmopolitan and contemporary mood… and if I feel lazy, then I go for a virtual tour in the website that has a specific section dedicated to online shopping, with visits and shipping all over the world.

So Pinelle, enjoy if you are in Rome, but if not, take advantage of the shop ???…

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