Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Cocktail and cherries, a perfect mix..



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Dear Pinelle, finally after strawberries there are also cherries… I love them and then “one cherry leads to another…” ideal also to be taken with you and eat them anytime, for a quick a nutrient snack. They are pefect on the beach in our shopping bag #beach, we can definitely eat them while tanning a bit. Do you know that cherries are full of nutrients? Yes, they are ideal before the “bikini challenge” even to moisture our skin since they are full of water, fiber and with few calories.


When I think about cherries I immediately imagine a summer drink, nice and refreshing… I love virgin cocktails that I often prepare at home, in the afternoon, while I am enjoying a sunny day???

I like to create smoothies and mocktails that even Mia can drink. Try to mix cherries and mint… pour the juice into a glass and add a pinch of lime and soda! Decorate with a mint leaf and done! The secret is always having some soda and ice, and then really Pinelle, let your imagination run wild and add whatever fruit you like!


But obviously I like to enjoy these beautiful days outside! As soon as I can during the weekend, I go out looking for the best cocktails in my beloved Rome. Ever been at terrazza San Pancrazio? A real must during the summer! I love listening to music and enjoy the view of Trastevere. But also Bar Gianicolo is perfect to have a deicious drink, especially if you’ve spent a special day at the park of Villa Pamphili. After a nice afternoon there, I sit at the table and I drink a nice refreshing cocktail. Since I love cherries, I choose cherry caipiroska or cherry mojito…ever tried? It is suuuuper delicious!  And you Pinelle? What’s your favourite cocktail?

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