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Watermelon: ideas for sweet and savory dishes!


Dear Pinelle,

Today I’ll talk about the queen of the summer, always present in my fridge… watermelon!!! Refreshing and thirst quenching!! I love it…and I always eat a lot of it ??


Besides the sugary taste, the truth is that watermelon has few calories…full of water and perfect during the summer to fight fatigue during the hottest days… it helps our organism reintegrating liquids and it has detox and diuretic functions!

Watermelon in good after a meal or as a snack! But also, you can make savory dishes to surprise your friends during the summer, or to bring them at the beach.

anguria spiaggia

A simple but tasty recipe is watermelon salad, feta and mint! The first time I made one I wasn’t so sure…but now I love it! Just duce the watermelon and add feta, Tropea onions, some rocket and olives. Season with oil vinaigrette, lemon juice, grinded mint, salt and pepper. Salad is ready!


pics by @Laura La Monaca per Lifegate

But there are many other recipes that you can make to taste watermelon in a creative way…

And with this hot weather, what’s better than a slush? It’s easy… just blend the watermelon, add water and sugar (if you want), filter everything and place it in plastic bags for the ice. Put it in the freezer for one night and the day after blend the cubes. Here’s your watermelon slush!

And if you want to surprise your friends, try “Watermelon Pops”, basically watermelon popsicles! Just cut the watermelon in slices, wand on each slice place a stick… perfect ?

anguria su stecco

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So pinelle? Have I inspired you with these recipes?

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