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Dear Pinelle,

During these warm days I feel like having light and fresh meals… today I’ll talk about quinoa, something that I often cook because it is perfect for light and simple meals…That you can bring on the beach!


A superfood with plenty of properties…Many believe that it is a cereal, but it isn’t! Quinoa is gluten free and it is perfect to be eaten by gluten intolerants and, being full of proteins and minerals, it is the perfect alternative to meat and 000 flour. But how can we eat it?

Quinoa is pretty much used in vegan and vegetarian cuisines, but it is perfect to make recipes with meat, fish and to make desserts too!

I love quinoa salad with chicken and avocado! Just cook quinoa, place it in a bowl with a spoon of oil, grinded mint and a bit of curry.  Grill a chicken breast, season with lemon, salt and pepper. Once you’ve cooked everything, cut it in stripes, add it to quinoa and to avocado dices. Mix and it is ready!


Naturally, we can personalize the salad as we want it… like, for example, I like substituting chicken with salmon and I add mango! Mmmmh…I love that bittersweet taste!! And as an appetizer to eat at a dinner with friends, try tomatoes filled with quinoa! So simple and easy…that I made it too! ?

QUINOApics by

Prepare quinoa and put it on a side. Cut tomatoes, empty them and squash the pulp. Mix it together with quinoa, olives, parsley and parmesan. Fill the tomatoes the mix you got and, to make them even tastier, place them in the oven to roast them a bit. Et voilà, an appetizer ready in 10 minutes!

So pinelle? Are you hungry?

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