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Healthy suntan? Let’s start from food


Dear Pinelle,

Today we’ll talk about food and tan! Yes, because if you want to come back with bronze color and a healthy skin, it’s not enough to lay down under the sun, you need to follow a good diet!


Summer is a never ending source of fruit and vegetables, that have the power of stimulating melanin! The substance that makes us tanned, a must to protect the damages made by free radical, responsible for skin ageing!

But what are the right ingredients to get tanned?

Tomatoes, watermelon, apricots, peaches, melons…and carrots! Full of beta carotene, the anti-oxidant that protects our skin against UV rays…

Summer starts at the table, where you can have fun with a lot of “tanning food” and recipes.

Cibo ideale per la tua abbronzatura

Some advices for a tanning menu!

For breakfast, juices with carrots, peaches and melons, full of beta carotene, perfect to start a sunny day! My favorite is carrot, mango and ginger.

Cibo ideale per la tua abbronzatura

For a healthy snack on the beach, a yogurt with blueberries or a homemade granola bar, with cereals and dried fruit…perfect! E vitamin and natural anti-oxidants, to recharge and feed our skin!

For lunch, a tomatoes and avocado salad, or a nice bruschetta! Full of A vitamins to get better tanned.

For dinner? A lot of fish and sea food! Fatty acids and Omega 3 will help you repair the fibers of your skin, stressed by the sun! I can’t say no to a nice fish BBQ with some veggies…I love it so much ?

And you pinelle? what’s your favorite tanning food?

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