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From starters to desserts… Melon is perfect!


Dear Pinelle,

After the queen watermelon, i decided to talk about the king of the summer…melon!

Tasty, thirst-quenching…so fragrant that it makes you want to bite it immediately?

Like watermelon. Melon has few calories and it is full of water…perfect to fight the typical fatigue of a day at the beach. It is full of A and C vitamin, natural antioxidants that protect our skin from the sun! and the truth is, that melon keeps our body hydrated during these hot days.


There are different species… my favorite is the Melon of Mantua super sweet and fragrant! A delicatessen! We can eat it naturally raw or in a fruit salad, as a dessert or as a starter…

But there are many recipes, ideal for an appetizer or a buffet dinner, simple and easy.

You all know melon with prosciutto…. I love it and especially another version of it, which is prosciutto rolls with melon and strawberries. Just fill every slice of prosciutto with a cube of melon and strawberry. You can also add feta cheese for a more fanciful version. Roll everything, decorate with some fresh mint and a bit of olive oil…et voila!

You know how much i love salads… a must in my menus! Try a salad with barely, spelt, melon and mixed veggies. Just cook the cereals and add the veggies you prefer. I love zucchini! And to make it even more tasty, then add some prawns to make it even tastier! A bit of oil, basil and wow… so good! Perfect if you want to bring it at the beach!?

Insalata cereali e melone

pic by @lacuocavolante

And for dessert, a nice sorbet! Blend the melon with some lemon juice and honey. If you don’t have a machine to make gelato, then place everything in a plastic bottle and put it in the freezer. When it’s ready, serve it in a small glass. Oh, delicious! And it has such nice colors!

Shake Melone

So Pinelle, have i surprised you a bit with these recipes?


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