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How to prepare a delicious salad…


Cover - Food Mag Ravanello

Dear Pinelle,

Today I want to talk about an ingredient that will help your body keep the benefits gained during the summer… radish!

Oh yes, this little root is a real superfood that has a lot of healthy properties for our organism: beside having very few calories, is also a powerful detox ingredient! But do you know that it is also a natural tranquilizer? It was anciently used by people suffering from anxiety! Incredible!

Cover - Food Mag Ravanello

I actually love the spicy taste it has! And that vivid red gives to all of your dishes a unique color! Perfect oil dip, as a starter or for an appetizer with friends… and you can cook it too! Awesome in the oriental cuisine and in soups!

But you know how much I love salads… it is something that I eat all year long!

One of my favorites: salad with radish, spinach and fresh peas! Just boil peas, cut some onion and radish. In a bowl mix spinach with the other ingredients. Season with a vinaigrette made with honey, mustard, lemon, oil and a bit of salt! Mmmmmm… Perfect!

Something even simpler and quicker? Cut radish, carrots, lettuce, onion from Tropea and season with oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. If you want, you can also add some prawns or grilled chicken… incredible!

And you Pinelle? How do you make your perfect salad?


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