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“L’estate addosso”, a trip on the road


I went to the cinema to see ” L’estate addosso” by Gabriele Muccino and it was like living again one of the most cheerful moments of my life.

Estate addosso - soundtrack

The summer after I got my high school diploma, the moment every teen dreams of, that we all lived and that we all would want to live again.

I went through that experience with Michela, in an on the road trip around the US: an adventure to discover the world, a sensation of freedom and foolishness that remains part of ourselves and that sometimes we forget, busy with our everyday lives. That sensation comes back in a powerful way with Maria and Marco, during the whole trip… Thanks Gabriele, it was incredible… Because “L’estate addosso” is something that sticks with you. And now, I’m going to call Michela ❤

P.S. The soundtrack is original by Jovanotti, the songs are amazing and my favorite is Beibee…very 70’s and very cool!

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