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Pumpkin flowers: delicious “alla romana”


Dear Pinelle,

Today I’ve decided to talk to you about an ingredient that is an absolute protagonist of the traditional Lazio cuisine and that is also one of my favorite…Pumpkin flower!

I just love it!! With that delicate taste… Did you know that it also has very few calories?

Perfect if you are making pasta, I always choose the long one like linguine or spaghetti, but use it also to make risotto or pies. That vivid color makes me so happy and it always and it is always a good ingredient to make during a dinner with friends!

When I want to cuddle myself a bit, I always eat fried pumpkin flowers!

Well, calories are surely involved…But they are so good Pinelle!!


Here in Lazio, we make them alla romana, stuffed with provatura cheese and anchovies. To create a contrast with the strong filling taste, it is then fried in a light batter made of flour, sparkling water, salt and pepper.

I never make them at home… Too much patience and technique needed. I eat them in one of the many restourants in Rome, where the pumpkin flower is a must. If you’ve never tasted them, you have to ?

Sulla mia app LaPinella City potete trovare tantissimi ristoranti e osterie tipiche locali, dove provare la vera cucina tradizionale.

On my app, LaPinella City you can find many typical local restaurants, where you can try the real traditional cuisine.

I often go at Teo, Trastevere, a very nice trattoria in one of the cutest square in Rome… Incredible menu and delicious pumpkin flowers!

Teo Trastevere

Or also, I go at Felice , Testaccio, another historical restaurants. The best one if you want to taste the roman delicacies.

Felice Testaccio

So Pinelle, I am really really hungry right now… And you?  

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