Dear Pinelle and Pinelli,

for you today, Cinzia’s legendary apple pie! Cinzia is one of my mum’s best friends, and she’s a fantastic cook. Imagine that when I first tasted her apple pie, since it was so tasty and creamy, I thought there was some crème pat and sponge cake in addition, but instead I found out that it was only made of apples! And for this reason I decided to prepare it yesterday, with the help of two little pets… I wanted to learn the exact procedure and do it myself. How could I not share all this with you? Try it… it’s delicious!!!

150 grs of flour
150 grs of butter
150 grs of sugar
2 kgs of golden apples 2 eggs

juice of 2 lemons
1 packet of vanilla sugar 1 packet of yeast breadcrumbs
icing sugar


Cut 2 kgs of apples in slices and put them in a bowl, keeping about 55 slices to put on top at the end, and in the meantime melt sugar and butter in water;
squeeze the juice from the two lemons and put it in the bowl where the apples are, together with two eggs and a packet of vanilla sugar. Add the melted sugar and butter, mix it well and add the sifted flour… At last add the yeast!

Grease a baking tray (with a 30 cm diameter) with butter, and here comes Cinzia’s trick: use the breadcrumbs as a base, and you will have a very tasty crust around the pie!! Once you put everything inside the baking tray, put the remaining apple slices on top and put it in the oven for about 1 hour, with a 200 degrees temperature.

The result should be of a golden colour, with slightly burnt apples!! Put the icing sugar on top and volià…. Snack is served!


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