A Fitness lesson!

A Fitness lesson!

You know I’m not big into sports, but I do try to keep in shape by doing floor exercises when I have time and with some yoga once a week. I’m not a big fan of the gym; I prefer physical exercise outdoors and I usually train with a guy who perfectly understands my needs, and who’ll you see in the photos below: his name is Nestore. Today I’ve decided, with him, to give you a sneak peek into my fitness training, so you can see that you can do just a few simple exercises even in your own home. I know that laziness can sometimes undermine our resolve, but it really takes so little to try to keep in shape. It is often not only a case of physical but also mental wellbeing; it helps us release tension and free ourselves from the stresses of the workday.

So, what I’m going to show you today is a short circuit training session which you can do wherever you are, at home, at the park or at the gym… so there are no excuses Pinelle! Get yourselves ready to begin!

Circuit training is an all-round, high intensity workout involving floor exercises to help develop strength, stamina, balance, mobility and flexibility. There are three exercises in the sequence: plank abs, squats and bench dips. I’ll show you…. Let’s go!!!

First exercise> Plank abs: Face down, supported by your hands and toes, lift first the right leg up to chest level and hold the position for about 4 seconds (keeping your posture), followed in sequence by the left leg.


Second exercise> Squats: Standing with your feet well apart, sink down, bending your knees (no more than 90 degrees) as if to sit. Then, pulling in your glutes, rise back up to the starting position.


Third exercise> Bench dips: Sitting on a step, place your hands on either side of your hips, raise your pelvis and move forwards, bending your elbows, until you almost touch the ground. Then, straightening your elbows fully, move back up to the level of the step.


Below you can find the entire sequence of exercises, as well as some stretching positions which are essential before you begin, to warm up your muscles, and at the end of the workout, to wind down. Next week I’ll show you a video which will probably give you a clearer idea of the exercises!

As you can see, my sporty look is simple but very colourful and with a pinch of leopard print, which never hurts!!!! It’s a total look by Yamamay which has created a fitness range in technical stretch fabric with flat seams that do not chafe during exercise. The models support and shape the body, and are all breathable. Once the workout is over, remember to put on a jacket or a sweatshirt!

I want to thank Nestore di Bartolomeo, and Hotel Parco dei Principi for letting us use this fantastic outdoor location for one day! Enjoy the photos! Hugs and kisses!



 Total look: Yamamay
Shoes: AdidasPersonal: Nestore di Bartolomeo [email protected]
Location: Hotel Parco dei Principi
Photo: Raffaele Marone


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