In shocking pink!

In shocking pink!

In shocking pink!

As promised you my dears, today I’m dedicating this post to all of my lovely “Befane”! But as I said on Friday, we will be decidedly more gorgeous than that old woman who traditionally brings treats to all children tonight !!
I have dressed up all sexy and all in shocking pink, having left my broom and stocking in the attic…. and here I am, ready for 6 January!!! Hehe!
This is one of the dresses I wore during the filming of a promo for “Isola dei Famosi”, which will be starting at the end of January and one of these photos was given to me as a Christmas present by Raffo and Chris in picture form … have you found it yet???

But let’s talk about the look for a moment… I’m not usually so fond of pink, but I must admit I like this very bright pink and, what can I do, I just adore short skirts, which are my absolute passion!! The dress is by Ramy Brook, and it hangs softly on the body, perfect for masking any extra pounds put on over the holidays since it is not tight on top thanks also to the loose effect at the waist. Even the skirt part, being straight and soft cut, is not too tight, although it is very short as you can see! 😉
Flesh tones for the shoes, which fasten with a zip on the ankle, have a high heel and are by Brian Atwood.

So what do you say, are you ready for this new version of the Befana??? 🙂

Hugs and kissesiiiiiiiiiii


Dress: Ramy Brook
Shoes: Brian Atwood


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